Executive Leadership

Rick Matthews Chief Executive Officer [email protected]
Shannon Pickel Chief Financial Officer [email protected]
Suzanne Wantland Operations Director [email protected]


Staff Members

Dawn Roller Senior Program Director [email protected]
Shaka Andrew Sports and Teen Director [email protected]
Terry Thompson Property Director [email protected]
Chris Whitt Membership Director [email protected]


Britnee Burnette Child Care Coordinator [email protected]
Maura Hill Little Floaters Coordinator [email protected]
Kacey Stout Executive Administrative Assistant [email protected]


Board of Directors

Executive Board

President: Secretary: Past President: Members At Large:
Daryl Ferguson Sharon Callahan Dwight Owens Mike Phipps


Board Members

Dan Bieger Carter Massengill
Mark Daniels Maggie McClellan
Steve Dixon Tommy McDaniel
Dustin Goforth Robbie Phillips
Frank Goodpasture III Steve Playl
Joan Gregory Seymour Ray
Maura Hill Wes Ritchie
Lisa Johnson Kevin Wysor
Ronan King