Do you ever get caught up in the busyness and forget to be thankful?

Yeah, me too.

Thankful for food, family, friends, a home…

Being mindful when eating means that we are aware of what we’re eating in addition to how we’re eating.  Are you eating like a stressed out ravenous beast, or are you eating like a calm relaxed person? Pay attention to who you’re being in the moment.

Are you acting like a stressed out, can my family please leave already, about to explode person?  OR, are you being a calm, I’m ready for my family to leave but it’s okay because I’m focused on being a thankful person?

Your mindset when you eat can make or break your metabolism as well as how your body absorbs food.  When we slow down and be mindful and thankful, our metabolism increases and our bodies are better able to get energy from the food we’re eating. Our mindset when we’re around others can also make or break the happiness of the moment.

I invite for you to begin cultivating a practice of gratitude. Perhaps stopping and taking just 30 seconds in the morning to say or write down 3 things you’re grateful for.  Then, at the end of the day say or write down 3 amazing things that happened that day (And maybe it’s as simple as, “It’s amazing my socks matched today.”)  This simple, quick practice can change lives.  (I know because it changed mine.)

Stay tuned for more healthy holiday ideas next week!

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