Do you ever get overwhelmed by the abundance of delicious food around the holidays?

It seems as if we need to eat all the things because we never have these foods anytime but the holidays!  This is the main reason Americans gain around five pounds this time of year (according to some studies)!

To help set yourself up for success this year (and save your waistline some growth) choose your foods wisely.  For most of your meals, especially before and after the big meals, choose nutrient-dense foods.  These are fruits and vegetables.  They have tons of nutrients and very few, if any, calories.

Then, choose your indulgences carefully.  You don’t have to be deprived over the holidays!  Just choose wisely.  Make a decision to eat only one dessert or one bite of a few desserts.  Also, make a decision to eat only one plate and not go back for seconds.  Create a plan beforehand, tell someone about that plan, and then stick to it!  You can celebrate afterward (like with feelings of success or even a non-food treat like a massage)!

Choosing foods wisely will help you feel better and save you from having to work off the weight you gained. It’s always easier to keep it off than it is to get it off once it’s there.  And perhaps, make a plan to make your favorite holiday dish in January so you can enjoy it again (and not feel like you have to eat it all right now)!

Stay tuned for more healthy holiday ideas next week!

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