Do you ever go shopping and get sooooo hungry?  Or do you go to a get-together, and it seems like it’s forever before the food is ready and you’re starved?

I recommend eating a snack before you go.  That sets you up for not being a ravaging beast when you get there.  It also helps when it’s awhile before the food is served.  In addition, when going to someone else’s house you’re not always going to have the best food choices.  Eating a snack before you go will help you to control what you are eating.

And, it’s always a good idea to have a healthy snack before you go shopping. Or, at least take a snack with you.  That way hangry doesn’t set in and you aren’t tempted to stop at the nearest fast food restaurant.

A few healthy snack ideas are:

  • Raw carrots and celery (perhaps with some nut butter)
  • Apple or pear
  • Cheese
  • Unsweetened yogurt with granola
  • Nuts

Don’t forget to grab a bottle of water before you go too!

Stay tuned for more healthy holiday ideas next week!

If you have questions or just want to chat about healthy holiday swaps please email