Dear Y Family,

With the increasing number of people testing positive for Coronavirus (COVID-19) in our community, we want to reassure and remind you that the Y is continuing to do our best to maintain a healthy and safe environment for all in our care.

Each of us plays an important role in this effort however, starting with prevention and cooperation.

As you have experienced at our Y, since reopening and now with the most recent Sullivan County Executive order, we will continue to institute rigorous health and safety measures in alignment with these orders and the Tennessee Pledge to keep our facility and programs safe.

These protocols include:

Physical Distancing – please remain physically apart from others by 6 feet or 2 arm lengths.

Frequent Hand Washing – reduce the chance of contracting from surfaces by washing your hands before touching your face.

Face Covers – if we all wear face masks, we can reduce the chances of transmitting to and contracting from others. The Sullivan County Mayor has given a written exclusion for those exercising as long as individuals remain at least 6 feet apart while doing so.

Cleaning/Disinfecting – please disinfect equipment and surfaces before and after use.

Wellness Screening/Checks – if you notice the onset of symptoms before you feel ill, you can reduce transmission to other individuals. So, if you don’t feel well or are considered high risk for exposure, please stay home.

We ask that you please adhere to these measures to keep you, and those around you, safe. Let’s also all remain vigilant as directives and guidance from local, state, and national authorities continue to evolve.

This safety update has also been posted on our website. Follow us on social media to stay informed on the latest precautions.

Thank you for your support as we work to STAY HEALTHY TOGETHER!