The YMCA of Bristol is the only YMCA in the country to have HYROX programming! It is training that bridges the gap between traditional endurance and functional fitness. It is for Every Body, combining full body strength, power and mobility. Members, trainers and staff have loved the first months of training:

  • “No matter what trial life throws at me, HYROX is where I find my strength again!” – Emily, YMCA member
  • “HYROX is not only physically challenging, but more so some days it’s a mental challenge. And I love a challenge!” — Chandler YMCA instructor and member
  • “If you are looking to push pat a fitness plateau, HYROX will move you to the next level.” – Nola, YMCA member
  • “I love that it is timed and structured. The plan is in place all it needs is my effort!” – Mike, HYROX instructor and member

“I love the atmosphere during HYROX! No matter the shape you are in, you can come in, do your best, and everyone is cheering you on! It feels like a team sport even though you can go at your own pace!” – Amanda, HYROX instructor and member.