Dear Y Family,

Thank you for all the positive messages of support and encouragement over these last few days. We are grateful to have such a strong Y community that is truly supporting each other and our YMCA.

We’re all in this together. And in times like this, community is more important than ever.  I know you’d prefer to be here with us, working out, attending a group fitness class or having your children surrounded by their friends, playing, learning and growing in our youth or family programs.  As a member of our Y Community, I’d ask you to consider what you should be doing during this time, and what it means to be a part of our YMCA.

As our Y responds to our community’s needs during this unprecedented time, we ask that you retain your membership with us. Not as a facility member, but as a cause-driven member. We realize that not all of you will be able to do that, but if you can, we’re asking that you stay with us, as we respond to and support our neighbors and community together.

With our temporary suspension of facility access and programs, we are medically cleaning and sanitizing the entire facility.  We’re also positioning ourselves to help our community partners with food pantry items and or volunteering as we can. We’re working to provide resources for those that need to work and need support.

Staying with us ensures our Y remains strong during this difficult time and is poised to help and support those neighbors who need us most.

Since our move into our new location in 1968, we have always been an organization that boldly walks toward challenging and pressing community needs. Today is no different. Visit our website for the most recent information.

Our focus on the Y’s Mission remains unwavering even in these unsteady times. Thank you for your friendship, partnership, for your support, your trust and for staying with us.


Yours in Health,


Rick Matthews

President and CEO

YMCA of Bristol