The YMCA offers a wide range of classes for you to work out in a fun, energetic, group setting. From dancing to boxing to cycle to yoga – our 80+ group exercise classes will offer something to challenge you, while you have fun and maybe even giggle! Our YMCA group exercise classes are designed to encourage camaraderie and help people of all ages and fitness levels achieve their wellness goals. And, group exercise can serve as great accountability for getting your workout in, too.

Any time you workout with a group at the YMCA of Bristol, you’ll find yourself in a safe environment that promotes good values and accountability. Classes range from high-intensity to low-impact — and as part of our commitment to battling youth obesity, are offered to children 8 and older.

The YMCA’s focus of developing kids’ potential extends to our on-site Stay and Play program. There, children up to 5-years-old can be left to engage in fun, supervised activities, allowing their parents to exercise worry-free.

No matter your age or fitness objective, the support of our staff — and encouragement of classmates — will help you achieve greater health and well-being.

  • Group Exercise Classes are FREE with your Y Membership.
  • No signups are required.
  • Classes are for ages 12 and up (8-11 must be accompanied by an adult).
  • Group classes typically last 30 minutes to 1 hour.

What are some of the most popular fitness classes available at the Y?


Expand and relax both body and mind through increased awareness of your breath and movement. The combinations of balance and stretching will tone your body while reducing stress. Classes ranging from basic yoga to energetic are available throughout the week.


Utilizing various combinations of punches, participants experience a boxing-style course that caters to all types of fitness levels. Cardio, coordination, stamina, agility: nearly all aspects of conditioning are represented in this interval training format.


Several exercise classes at the YMCA of Bristol feature different elements of dance. From the hip-hop inspired to components of ballet, low-impact slow rhythms to high-energy cardio, there’s something for all musical preferences and experience levels.

Water Exercise

Looking for low- to no-impact exercise? Hop in the pool! Utilizing water resistance, instructors lead groups through aerobics, core strengthening, and muscle conditioning. And there’s always an open lane for swimming laps.

Sports conditioning

It could be the intense swinging of Battle Ropes, or the smooth repetition of common everyday body movements, but these classes will help you achieve an intense full-body workout through various exercise models.

How can I find a group class near me?

  1. Become a Y member.
  2. View our group exercise schedule.
  3. Surround yourself with wellness minded people!

From physical and mental health to camaraderie and a sense of purpose, the YMCA of Bristol will help you reach your fitness and lifestyle goals with a variety of classes.

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