Surround yourself with wellness minded people. Positivity can be contagious!

Have you heard the old adage that laughter is contagious? It holds true for wellness too!

Our YMCA group exercise classes are designed to encourage camaraderie and help people of all ages and fitness levels achieve their wellness goals. Plus, they can serve as great accountability for getting your workout in too!

We offer a wide range of classes for you to achieve a workout in a fun, energetic, group setting. From dancing to strength training to cycle to yoga – our 50+ group exercise classes will offer something to challenge you, while you have fun and maybe even giggle!

Group Exercise Classes are FREE with your Y Membership. No signups are required.

Location: YMCA of Bristol
Ages: 12 year olds and above (8-11 year olds can attend with an adult)
Duration: Varies between 30 minutes and one hour

Aerobics Schedule