Group Youth Swim Lessons

The YMCA Swim Lesson program teaches children to be safe and have fun around the water. We create an environment where all can come together to learn, grow and thrive. Whether it's gaining the confidence that comes from learning to swim or building the positive relationships that lead to good sportsmanship; participating in swimming at the Y is about building the whole child.

Ages: 6mo – 12 years old
Time: 5:30 PM, 6:05 PM, & 6:40 PM based on age group.
Days of the Week: Tuesday/Thursday
   Y Members: $35
   Potential-Members: $70
Financial Assistance is available but limited

Private & Semi–Private "Buddy" Swim Lessons

Private lessons provide participants with individual instruction from one of our swim lesson instructors. Private Lessons can give focused and specific instruction at an individual's own pace. Instructors encourage participants to practice skills learned through our program to help improve swimming ability and strength in the water. Participants must be 3+ years old. We teach youth, teens, adults and seniors.
   Y Members:
   Private: 4 lessons $80, 8 lessons $150
   Buddy Lessons (per person): 4 lessons $60, 8 lessons $110

   Private: 4 lessons $160, 8 lessons $300
   Buddy Lessons (per person): 4 lessons $120, 8 lessons $230