Did you know our bodies are made up of around 60% water?  And our brains and hearts are made up of around 73% water!  Because we are made up of so much water hydration is super important!

When we don’t get enough water our body processes are stressed which can actually cause us feelings of stress.  It can also cause foggy brain and hunger pains.  We can’t eliminate toxins adequately which can cause pain, illness, or disease.  So, as you can see, drinking enough water is imperative for a healthy body!

So, how much water is the right amount for you?  I always recommend drinking between 50% and 75% of your body weight in ounces of water a day.  (Hint:  Take your body weight and multiply it times 0.5 and then multiply it times 0.75 and that will give you the ounces you need.)  Now, this does go along with honoring what your body needs during your current season of life.  Your body might need more or less depending on circumstances.  And if you sweat a lot during workouts you might need to increase your amount.  In addition, if you drink caffeine or alcohol, which are dehydrators, you will also need to increase your water.

Don’t forget that sometimes when you feel hungry you may just be needing water.  So, especially if it’s not meal time, drink a glass of water and see if you were simply thirsty.

How can you get more water when you don’t like the taste of water?

Try putting in some fresh fruit or herbs.  Perhaps try it really cold, room temperature, or hot.  One of my favorite ways to spruce up my water is by putting in lemon, cucumber, and mint.  Let it sit in the fridge for a couple of hours and you’ll really taste the flavors.  You could also try berries and basil or even watermelon and mint.  The combinations are endless.

I encourage you to keep a reusable water bottle with you everywhere you go so you always have water available.

If you have questions or just want to chat about how you can get more water please email carrie@bristolymca.net.