Setting up accountability can be the difference between meeting your goal and possibly not even getting started.

Accountability partners can be simple or more complex.  They can be a friend, family member, work-out partner, or coach.

What makes accountability so important is that it makes you take steps toward your goal even when life gets tough.  Your accountability partner will help you stay on track when it would be so much easier to fall off the wagon.

A few tips:

  • Get your accountability partner to check in with you every day or week – whatever will be most beneficial for you (or tell your accountability partner that you will tell them what steps you took each day)
  • Be an accountability partner for someone else too!
  • Find a friend or family member to work on goals with you
  • Get a coach. Coaches have special training and tools to help you stay on track and keep going even life gets tough (and self-sabotage gets in the way)


Who will you choose to be your accountability partner?

If you have questions or just want to chat about goals please email